What's the Proper Punishment for Girl Who Faked Being Kidnapped?

Juarez, MexicoThere are tons of excuses for failing classes. You know, believable ones, not just the old dog-ate-homework baloney. I once knew a girl who blamed her parents' divorce for her poor attendance, but her parents were happily married. You get the picture. But a student in Juarez, Mexico took the flunking excuses to a new level when she faked her own kidnapping. Lucina Marquez Gayosso would leave home everyday to go to school, but never made it to the halls of learning.

Lucina knew she wasn't going to graduate since she'd failed her classes, but she didn't have the heart to break the bad news to her mother. Instead, she called her mother and said she'd been kidnapped on the way to the graduation ceremony.


Lucina apparently told her mom that kidnappers and snatched her up at gunpoint while she was on her way to the school for graduation. (I guess the kidnappers allowed her one phone call?) Horrified, her mother got the police involved and soon enough, Lucina's jig was up.

The cops found Lucina and her car no less than three hours later. Sticking with her story, she explained that the kidnappers had let her go because they got the wrong person. After what was probably 1,000 eye-rolls and a few fists pounding the table, Lucina admitted that she made the whole thing up. She just couldn't face telling her mom that she wasn't at graduation because she had flunked. Being taken by kidnappers seemed like her only hope.

While kidnapping is more common in Mexico than it is in the US, still her story had obvious flaws, which is why she was found right away. There's something very understandable about her need to please her mother, or her fear about what her mom would do if she found out the truth, but a kidnapping? That's aggressive and ambitious. No one could pull that off.

But how do you punish someone like this? If you can, that is. In Arrested Development they'd make her believe she was actually being kidnapped, then someone's arm would fall off, then she'd be taught her lesson. Lucina's got a lot of growing up to do -- hope she soon realizes that lying will get you no where.

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