Teacher Who Made Teens 'Slap It Out' Is No Hero

slapWhen you've got two snotty little teenagers who can't stop snarking on each other, what do you do? Separate them? Try to reason it out? Or take them outside and tell them to "slap it out"?

That's what a teacher in Omaha allegedly did with two of his students. He frog-marched the little jerkfaces outside and told them to get to it. Only problem is a camera caught the whole thing, and now Patrick Kocsis is probably going to be fired.


Erm. Duh? This guy really thought violence was the answer?

What floors me about this whole story is the support Kocsis seems to be engendering online. People are calling him a "hero." Some even say the science teacher just gave the kids a dose of "real life." Really, y'all? In "real life" you lean over to your co-worker and tell him that you think the best way to solve the dispute over the copier is to go outside and slap each other? I consider myself pretty darn lucky that we've come a long way since the days when macho brutes ended every tiff with "let's take it outside" and a duel to the death.

In fact, if I recall, it was in HIGH SCHOOL where I learned that this attitude didn't work out so well for one-time Secretary of the Treasurer Alexander Hamilton. He ended up dead, and Aaron Burr (you know, the vice president!) lost his entire political career because he had to face murder charges. Extreme? Try getting a good job with a few felony assault charges following you around. Teaching kids fighting is the answer is a good way to prepare them for prison.

This is my problem with corporal punishment in schools, frankly. Where there is violence encouraged inside a school building, kids aren't learning "real life" at all. In the real world, hitting someone is assault or battery. It will likely land you in jail. Teachers are supposed to be our partners in raising our kids to adulthood. They're supposed to guide them AWAY from the primal urges that their crazy teen hormones stir up.

Do you think this guy is a hero?


Image via skippyjon/Flickr

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