This Family Is Even More Bizarre Than the Duggars (VIDEO)

Kelly BatesIf you think the Duggars are fascinating in a creepy, what the heck are they thinking kind of way (yes I know I shouldn't stare, but I just ... can't ... look ... away), you totally need to get a load of the Bates family. The parents of 18 kids are buddy/buddy with TLC's famous quiverfull family. And if you thought growing up in front of TV cameras was hard on a hormonal teen, try being the son or daughter of Gil and Kelly Bates.

As Kelly told Good Morning America this morning, she loves when her kids start "courting." That means she'll get grandbabies soon.


Sputter. Shock. Barf.

For a second I had to wonder if 18 deliveries with nary a pain pill had blasted this woman's mind (no offense to those of you who went au naturel, but check out the look on Juju Chang's face when she finds out Kelly never even got an aspirin to take the edge off -- priceless!). Then make note of the whole "courtship" thang the Duggars and Bates have going on:


OK, so I get what she's saying. You prepare your kids to be grown-ups, and you hope that one day they'll find someone who loves them as much as you love your significant other. But the OLDEST of their 18 kids is only 22. Most of the kids are just teenagers.

And most parents sit around joking that their kids can't date until they're 37. Kelly Bates may be the first one I've ever heard who can't wait to pair her teens off.

Sure, it's cultural. But theirs is a culture where teenagers aren't even allowed to kiss the person they're dating, and their parents are already putting pressure on them to pair up and start making babies? How do they even know if they'll have chemistry in the bedroom if they can't even lock lips? Not to mention, I'd prefer my kid be thinking about figuring out who SHE is before she thinks about creating another person.

Do you think these people put the cart before the horse? Have you talked to your kids about grandchildren?


Image via ABC

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