Why I Can't Wait to Send My Kid to College

college move inMy family is in mourning mode this week. It's college move-in week across the country, and my 18-year-old "daughter" bid us adieu on Sunday. Note the quote marks. I neither gave birth to this kid whom I love and adore, nor am I old enough to have done so (well, not without making the news). She joined our family as a babysitter and adopted us as her second set of parents. I can't claim quite the level of sadness as her "real" parents. But that means I don't get the benefits either.

Come on now, don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. You don't have to have a college kid to be dreaming about this day.


You know, the day you get to reclaim their room (what did you think I meant you sicko?). My "daughter's" parents haven't done it yet (that clump you just heard was her coming back down to the ground as she reads this ... no need to get pissy yet my dear), but the "right time" to move in on their turf seems to range among the parents of college kids in my 'hood. I suspect there are parents who are yanking out mattresses as I type this.


I mean, I'll cop to dreaming. My daughter's bedroom is right next to ours. It was easiest when we first transitioned her out of the bassinet and into the crib. It was easiest when she was first potty trained and we were getting tapped on the shoulder for middle of the night trips to the bathroom. The thought of one day being able to talk to my husband in the middle of the night at a volume that would make a librarian glare is mighty appealing.

And just think of the space for all my ... stuff. Almost makes up for the idea of paying tuition. Almost.

Whoa. OK, shaking that beautiful image out of my head right now. Not only is my real kid way too young to even think about this right now, but the economy sucks the big one. Kids are graduating from college only to find there is nowhere to go. Turning that room into a craft room/office/storage space/model train room is just going to cost you in the long run when you have to turn it BACK into a room for you kid. As my friend Faith confessed today, "We in fact let our daughter pick a new room color this summer, and her dad built her book shelves. She's a junior in college and plans on moving back home after and banking a gazillion bucks."

But a girl can dream, can't she?

Do you have plans for your kid's room? When is it "time" to make the change?


Image via NazarethCollege/Flickr

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