5-Year-Old Comes Up With Coolest Tattoo Ever (PHOTO)

tattoo artistThomas Macaluso will be the first to admit his tattoo looks like a 5-year-old drew it. Because he did. Macaluso took a drawing of an Army man created by his 5-year-old son to his cousin's tattoo parlor and asked to have it transferred to his arm.

Little did he know he was part of a new parenting trend: turning your kid's artwork into the one tattoo no one else will ever have. I'll admit when I first heard the idea, I was thinking, "No way, no how." My husband -- who has two tats, one per shoulder blade -- agreed with me.


But then I talked to Michael Harvey, Macaluso's cousin and owner of Irish Ink, a chain of inking establishments in Indiana. He's seen everything parents can come up with to put on their bodies, and he admits it's hard to come up with something new. You see the baby's handprints, the baby's footprints, the baby's name, the baby's birthdate ... everywhere. And if you're Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, you go the ill-advised baby's face on your side route.

Harvey wasn't sure what to make of his cousin's idea ... not at first. "It's really bad," he said of the drawing with a laugh. But a dad himself, he kind of got it. And now Macaluso tells him that it doesn't matter what kind of crappy day he's having. All he has to do is look down at his wrist, and this is what gives him a big smile on his face:

Army Man Tattoo

Put it that way, and I get it too. It's unique. It's truly representative of YOUR kid, in a way that their birthdate or baby handprints aren't. My daughter is a year older than Macaluso's son, and she loves to draw. It's the rare age when it doesn't matter if you are talented -- you love to get your feelings out on the page. Some kids will retain that pleasure, most will grow out of it when they realize artistic talent doesn't flow through their veins. It's a pity; we should all have that kind of happy moment when what we think comes out through our crayons.

Ironically, crayons are the main point of my other favorite in the kiddie tat trend. Harvey suggests waiting to have your child's name inked on your body until they're old enough to print it in crayon. Swirly script is pretty, but your kid's crayoned name will always give you a grin.

Do you have any tattoos honoring your child? Would you follow this trend?


Images via Daniel Flower/Flickr; Thomas Macaluso

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