Teens Took Road Trip for Most Inspiring Reason (VIDEO)

ballpark boysI can think of four teens who will have no troubles writing their "What I did on my summer vacation" essays come September: Seattle-based buddies Kellan Larson, Travis Smith, Kendal Young, and Jack Wilson not only took one of the coolest road trips ever, they raised money for charity at the same time.

Makes the typical teenage summer look pretty lame by comparison, huh? The boys have been pals since their days playing Little League together, and initially their plan was merely to see a Mariners game in another city. But they didn't stop there ...


Instead, they had the idea to hit 30 ballparks in 54 days, driving roughly 15,000 miles across the country in a van (which also served as a motel-on-wheels most nights). The boys took turns driving in two-hour shifts.

But the best part about their epic adventure was how they got the money to make it happen -- plus thousands extra for charity!

The philanthropist fans teamed up with the Martinez Foundation, started by baseball player Edgar Martinez and his wife to promote educational opportunities for minorities, and pledged to donate all sponsorships and donations received (beyond the actual cost of the trip itself) to the charity.

Get this: They raised $10,000! Edgar Martinez himself was so impressed that he showed up at the last game of the trip to congratulate them.

For Jack Wilson, the highlight of the trip was definitely meeting Martinez, his "childhood hero."

I'm guessing that for Martinez, meeting four teenage boys who figured out how to spend their summer having a blast and helping people at the same time was a pretty big thrill, too.

Would your teen do something like this?


Image via MSNBC

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