Crazy Things Would Happen if Teens Ran the World

caroline gonzalezTeens are not, of course, known for their fabulous judgment. Some descriptive words that come to mind on the topic: Impulsive. Impetuous. Whimsical. Flighty. Stupid. This is why teens do not, in fact, run the world. (Although if you want to break it down by numbers, as in advertising dollars and retail profit, they kind of do run the world.)

For example, just imagine how our street signs would read if teens were in charge of naming the roadways. Or don't even bother imagining, just think back to the last sign you saw "altered" by some kid's graffiti. Obscene, wasn't it?

Hmmm. Considering the options, things could have been much worse for the residents of Forney, Texas, who were forced to watch as one of their major thoroughfares was named after a certain teen idol ...


Let me explain. See, it all started when 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez won a student contest to be "Mayor for the Day" of her town (the aforementioned Forney, Texas).

As one might imagine, Gonzalez had big plans for her brief stint in government. She wasn't going to waste her day twirling around in the mayor's spinning chair or making prank calls from the mayor's line. Oh no. Gonzalez wanted to make a change. Something big. Something bold.

Something like re-naming Main Street Justin Bieber Way.

And that's exactly what she did. The town commissioned a temporary sign (like Gonzalez in the mayor's office, the name-change was only meant to last a day) and up it went: Justin Bieber Way.

The only cloud in this otherwise sunny occasion was that town officials failed in their attempts to reach Bieber and invite him to the street-naming ceremony.

I feel certain he would have gone, don't you? As a fellow teen, I'm sure he would've loved the idea of a street named after his own self.

As long as Justin Bieber Way wasn't a dead end, that is.

What would your teen pick for a street name?


Image via City of Forney

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