Condoms for Teens Are No Different Than Safety Belts

condomsI don't always agree with Dr. Drew, but I'm in complete support of his stance on whether or not parents should give their teens condoms. What the sex/addiction expert has to say on the topic is just common sense, if you ask me -- although it's shocking how many parents have a different opinion. The ultimate goal is to keep your teen safe, right?

Dr. Drew used a great analogy to illustrate the lunacy of NOT providing teens with condoms. To paraphrase his words, it's like a parent telling their teen that they never, ever want them to speed while driving ... and then NOT teaching them to always wear a seat belt, just in case.


Giving teens condoms isn't the same thing as giving them permission to have sex, it's sending them the message that the MOST important thing to you as a parent, above all else, is their safety and well-being. Whereas not preparing teens for sex is like saying, "I really don't want you to have sex, and if you do, well, you're on your own. If anything happens, you deserve it."

I feel the same way about birth control. How can anyone say that a 15-year-old girl is too young for birth control when we have TV shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom? Hello?! Obviously they weren't too young.

Teens need to know that whatever their choices, they as people are worth protecting. And also that no matter what they decide to do, they need to take responsibility for it. That's the problem with pretending that teens are not sexual creatures or turning a blind eye to what is clearly happening in the backseats of cars everywhere -- teens don't take responsibility for what they're doing because they're not supposed to admit they're doing it in the first place. Let's just sweep it under the rug, maybe it'll go away. What do you mean, you're pregnant?!

Shame is not an effective way to stop teens from doing anything. They'll keep on doing whatever it is ... the only difference is that they'll hate themselves (and probably you) for it.

Do you think parents should give their teens condoms?

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