These Kid Dancers Put Everyone to Shame (VIDEO)

dancing kidsI've often wondered what the children's dance scene is like in shopping malls across Moldova. Is it saucy? Is it conservative? I know you've been curious about it as well, so good news: We've finally found our answer.

In what appears to be a public dance recital or competition, a frolicsome and mischievous boy and girl do a razzle dazzle hustle bustle dance performance that will knock your pom pom socks off. She in a black tube top and red tulle skirt, he in gray pants and a red bow tie, the dynamic duo called Mr. and Mrs. SomethingSomethingInMoldovan are a force to behold. Their talent will simultaneously impress you just as it makes you equally uncomfortable.

There's scarf tossing, crotch grabbing, and enough hip thrusts in their four-and-a-half-minute routine to last a dancer's lifetime.


See for yourself:

You don't know whether to clap or cover your eyes in embarrassment, do you. First of all, these kids are TALENTED. Especially the little boy. I haven't seen moves like that since Swayze was in his prime. The girl is not shabby, either, but I can't help but think that she's got a wicked stage mom that's trying to make her the next Mila Kunis.

These little ones must have had some serious rehearsals because neither of them missed a god damn step. If Joe Jackson was their father, even he would've been proud. Oh and at the end, when they broke it down to that oldies song, I felt like both their legs were going to fly off. They were moving so fast!

Mad props to these tiny dancers, but I'm still afraid I'll get caught watching this at work and someone will get the wrong idea about me, you know?

What's your take on this dancing duo?

Photo via YouTube

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