Student Roasts Principal in Most Hilarious Way (VIDEO)

kid roasting principalWhen I was in high school, I wasn't one of those students who was buddies with the teachers or chummy with the principal. You know the kind I'm talking about. They typically were drama students or mathletes, and you would catch them hanging out in a classroom after the bell rang, laughing and chatting with the instructor. Lame!

Well, that's what I thought then. 'Cause I was too cool for school. I was busy rockin' and rollin' and what not (we went to Rydell High). I preferred driving around watching my friends smoke Marlboro 100s to AP English any day of the week (humble brag).

But if I could do it all over again, I would want to be just like this awesome student who's so tight with his principal that he gets to roast him in a hilarious song for his 60th birthday.

And, yes, he's in the drama club.


The student, whose name remains absent from the video, apparently was told by his English teacher to write a song for his Sexagenarian principal, Jim Wells. The result is nothing short of impressive, hilarious, and ballsy! He sings to Mr. Wells about how his memory is so old, it's in black and white, the key to his house was on Ben Frankel's kite, and how he probably babysat for Jesus. And Mr. Wells just stands there laughing.

I've gotta say, if this is what being buddy-buddy with the school faculty is like, man, did I miss out. My principal would have expelled me if I did something like this.

I mean, sure, watching Lauren Kellerman blow smoke rings in my Toyota Celica while she bitched about Kenny Conklin was fun, but this looks a thousand times better.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself:

How great is this kid?


Image via YouTube

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