Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Freeze Dead Daughter’s Eggs

test tubesAn Israeli court granted the parents of a deceased 17-year-old girl permission to extract and freeze their daughter's eggs. The girl, Chen Aida Ayash, died in a car crash, and when she was declared brain dead, her parents agreed to donate her organs. Initially, the parents wanted Chen's eggs fertilized with donated sperm before they were frozen in order to give them a better chance of survival, but the court ruled against that.

A spokesperson for the medical center where the procedure took place told The Guardian, "This is a unique case, since this is the first time an Israeli court has approved the extraction and freezing of ovarian eggs from a dead woman."

Yeah, I'd say it's pretty unique.


Apparently, days after this landmark ruling, the family decided to not go ahead with the procedure. Not because they thought better of it, because they were bowing to domestic pressure. Understandably, the decision sparked a backlash from religiously conservative communities in Israel.

I've gotta say, I'm kind of with the conservative communities on this one. The decision to go through with such a procedure is just ... weird. And dare I say, a little creepy. Chen was just 17 years old. And she wasn't married -- not that that has to dictate having children. But it's not like she and her partner had lengthy talks about their offspring. If a husband or boyfriend had come forward and said that he really wanted to keep Chen alive through a child, I would get that. I would be all for it. But I just can't really wrap my head around her parents wanting her child.

And then there's the child. If he or she were brought into this world, they would be motherless. And possibly fatherless, if the surrogate didn't want to be a part of his or her life. The whole thing just doesn't make sense.

If there was proof that Chen had wanted a child, then I could better understand her parents' wishes. But there isn't. So I'm going to stick with the notion that this isn't right.

What do you think of this?


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