5 Ways to Get Your Kid Ready for High School

booksGetting ready for high school ... I graduated years ago, and I still don't feel ready for high school! It's definitely one of the most intense times in a person's life, and there's only so much prep work that can be done for the emotional, physical, and intellectual roller coaster of the high school years.

On the practical side, however, there are some basic skills and habits we can make sure our teens have mastered before school starts that will make things run a little bit more smoothly. Here are 5 easy ways to help your teen starting now. (FYI: None of these tips will help out with first-time crushes or gym class humiliations. In those areas, kids, you're on your own.)

  1. Make sure your teen can stay focused on one topic or project for at least 40 minutes at a time. This is the length of an average class period.
  2. Help your teen to pick out a planner. Keeping homework assignments, notes, practice schedules, and everything else straight is much easier with the right tools. The options are endless, from no-tech to futuristic; the important thing is that it helps keep your kid organized.
  3. Let your teen know it's okay to ask for help. In fact, not only is it okay, it's essential! Some kids think high school means no more raising your hand and asking questions, but the opposite is true. Teach her to speak up!
  4. Talk about making friends. A huge part of high school, as you no doubt remember, revolves around one's ability to make and keep friends -- this skill can make or break those four years. Get your teen thinking about activities (sports, clubs, etc.) where she can meet like-minded kids.
  5. Remind her to keep you posted. Whether it's a standardized test or three-day weekend or canned food drive, there will be tons of things happening at your kid's school throughout the year that you'll want to know about (mostly so you can make sure she doesn't forget). Figure out a system for information-sharing now (maybe she comes home and jots down important dates on a bulletin board).

How will you help your teen get ready for high school?


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