Little Kid Demands Respect For Dads in Adorable Letter (PHOTO)

letter to kixIf you think company marketing slogans are just annoying cliches that get stuck in your head and nothing more, maybe the letter for the son of one gay couple will change your mind. The boy penned (crayoned?) a letter to Kix cereal maker General Mills to voice his adorable concern with their "Kid Tested, Mother Approved" mantra. The way he sees it, dads are getting shafted. Smart kid!


Little Kris, who wants to know "can both my daddys approve" says General Mills should change the words on that box of little balls to "Kid tested Parint (sic) approved." This mom wouldn't mind. I get tired of my husband not counting for all he does for our daughter.

As a mom who blogs, I receive PR pitches almost daily that remind me how powerful Moms are in deciding what products enter their home. The statistic I hear most often is that 85 percent of the household purchases are made by mom. If that makes you feel powerful as a mom, great.

I just want to know where all the dads are at!

My husband does as much grocery shopping as I do. Heck, I'll cop to it -- he does more. I work at home. It would be stupid for me to leave the house to run to the grocery store when he can just swing by on the way home to grab a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs. Why can't he get a little love for standing in the aisles at the close of day judging which box of pasta has more nutrition for his sweetie?

Of course the real heart of the letter isn't Kris' dads at all. They could simply skip the Kix and go for the Kashi. But their son is upset. Because kids listen to EVERYTHING (don't believe me? Go hide in your closet with the door close to your room and the closet door closed. Drop an F-bomb. I swear that little monkey will be say F--k, F---k by the time you get back to the living room. They have supersonic hearing, I SWEAR!).

Kids should know that moms AND dads have a role in parenting. They should know it because they should count on both parents. They should know it because chances are one day they will grow up to BE one of those parents. Little boys should know they need to be involved dads. And I'd rather not having my daughter grow up with a bunch of marketing slogans pushing the idea that her rightful place is in the kitchen, feeding her kids.

He may have written it for his gay dads, but let's hear it for Little Kris for sticking up for every kid and parent in America!

Does it bug you that companies still treat dads like they're off the hook?


Image via Buzzfeed

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