Magazine Gives Teen Girls Worst Dating Advice Ever

teen coupleSo I guess we're not sugarcoating the whole love and romance thing for teen girls these days. Seventeen magazine actually has a column called "LIES He Tells Straight to Your Face," which is exactly what it sounds like: A monthly roundup of confessions from "real" teen guys about the sleazy fibs they tell young ladies to get in their pants.

Hmmm. If you're like me, your first reaction to this news was probably to snort with bitter laughter and think something along the lines of, "Well, they might as well find out sooner rather than later!"

Or maybe you're a little less battle-weary pessimistic than I am, in which case your immediate response was probably something closer to, "This is some pretty messed up stuff to throw at kids who probably haven't even had their first date yet!"

Well, I hate to say this (I really do), but I was wrong, and you were right.


"LIES He Tells Straight to Your Face" is indeed some pretty messed up stuff to throw at girls who probably haven't even been lied to yet.

Sure, some dude will probably lie to them at some point, and there's something to be said for getting a little advance warning about this kind of thing. But propagating gender cliches like "all men are liars" isn't going to prepare girls for the dating scene. On the contrary, this form of subtle brainwashing is more likely to make girls accept crappy treatment from guys because, well, boys will be boys and that's just what they do, isn't it?

The message being sent here is about as progressive as "Keep your man happy -- always remember to wear pearls when cooking his favorite meal!" Honest communication between the sexes is hopeless, this column tells girls, so don't even bother.

I have to believe that a better approach would be to elevate our girls' standards and insist boys rise to the challenge, instead of passing on our own low expectations and giving yet another generation of guys permission to coast.

Do you think teen girls should be taught to expect the worst from guys?


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