Ridiculous Mom Expects Beauty Pageants to Be Fair

crownWhen your kid hits school age, you realize you have to suck it up and hang with all kinds of moms. Your kid may pick their kid as a bestie, and you're stuck with each other. But there's one mom I just can't see sitting down with. EVER. Pageant mom.

And yes, I'm being a big ol' judgearoo right here. But when I sit down to feel bad about that judgment, something like this happens: a mom throws a hissy because her autistic daughter is given the "best personality" award in a beauty pageant. Say it with me now: "That would be a problem because?"


Well, because it shows a pageant is a farce, according to Leonie Myles, who says her daughter's social skills are affected by her autism, so a "best personality" award doesn't really fit. Her comments come across as a direct insult to children on the spectrum everywhere, many who have glowing personalities thankyouverymuch, but I'll grant her that she knows her daughter and her daughter's limitations.

Still, I'm just not sure what she expected out of a competition that bases its awards solely on the subjective quality of "most beautiful." I think my daughter is the "most beautiful" creature on the planet. I'm willing to admit that not everyone shares my opinion (they'd just be better off not saying it TO me). For that matter, I look at the models in some magazines and fail to see what attracted the designer to pluck them out of a book and dress them up. It's not like judging the veracity of a math solution or the straightest line. To say that the judges were unprofessional because they didn't think her kid was the "prettiest" is rich coming from a woman who put her child's beauty up to be judged.

The irony is I love when people talk up my daughter's personality. The fact is, she has one. There are kids who leave no real lasting impression because they're like little bumps on a log. Then there's my kid, who is dramatic and boisterous. As beautiful as I may think she is, her personality is probably what you notice first about her. You can read it loud and clear between her crazy headgear (which she likes to wear TO school) and the facial expressions that adults consistently stop me to chuckle about. But I wouldn't put her in a pageant to put her personality up against another kid's. It's not a competition to be yourself.

Do you put any stock in beauty pageants?


Image via Robynlou8/Flickr

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