12-Year-Old More Talented Than Bieber & Gaga Combined (VIDEO)

When you think 12-year-old boy, you probably think (like me) of obnoxious pre-teen in falling down pants, a loud mouth, and skateboarding attire. Or maybe that's just in my neck of the woods. Ronan Parke is a 12-year-old made famous by Britain's Got Talent.

Here he is singing Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" and looking a lot like Justin Bieber and putting both of them to shame in the process. He is a talented boy.

See for yourself:


It's pretty impressive that at a time when boys are pigeonholed in so many ways, this boy is willing to break out of the mold and showcase his amazing talent even when it isn't so "manly."

Also, the kid can just SING. Seriously, I wish I had half his talent. He sounds better than Gaga and that's just with a guitar and nothing else.

Of course, talent like this can't come without controversy, and this kid has had plenty already. Some are saying that producer Simon Cowell found the kid and molded him over the last two years. Even if it were true, which seems unlikely considering the source is one blogger with no further evidence, then so what? The kid still has enormous talent, right?

Mark my words, he is going to be a big, big star in the not too distant future.

What do you think of his voice?


Image via YouTube

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