Daredevil Kids Attempt Way Too Risky Skateboard Experiment (VIDEO)

skateboard stuntSchool's out, and the days are long. All those unstructured hours provide plenty of time for imaginations to run wild, and kids to come up with the wackiest things to do.

The boys in this video were pretty creative (and possibly inspired by MTV's show Jackass?) in putting together this stunt. They put one kid in some sort of storage bin, set him atop a skateboard, and sent him careening down a driveway toward a ramp. Watch what happens.


Oof! You have to wonder who was filming -- an adult or child. I'm guessing the latter, as most parents probably would have put a stop to those shenanigans, or at least made him put on a helmet.

As much as boys and their daredevil doings scare me, I think it's also great for them to experiment and explore and just get beaten up once in awhile. Too often our kids' lives are so structured with school, soccer, enrichment classes, and camps that they don't have time to get into mischief like this. It reminds me of the movie Stand By Me in many ways, not the least of which being the kid in the box, Owen, reminds me of Gordie.

I love to see what kids do when they're left to their own devices sometimes. Okay, maybe I don't actually like to "see" it, but I like to know that they have a chance to do it once in awhile ... preferably with helmets though.

What's the most dangerous thing you've found your kids doing?

Image via YouTube

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