What's So Wrong With Teaching Girls to Look for Rich Men?

My first thought upon hearing that Chinese parents are sending their daughters to a $3,000 class in marrying a rich man was to be outraged. How could they devalue love to such an extent? But then I thought better of it.

The class teaches young girls the finer points of applying makeup and pouring tea and generally how to be a good wife to wealthy men. Wealthy bachelors also sign up and sometimes matches are made, which for $3,000 seems a rather good deal.

The fact is, parents offer their children bad marriage advice all the time. A woman I know once tried to convince her 19-year-old daughter that she should stay with her boyfriend even though he didn't support her passions because "you can't get everything from one man." At least this class is honest.


Who among us wouldn't want our daughters to marry a rich man over a poor one all other things being equal? Let's be honest here. Now, of course, there are other issues at work. I wouldn't want to teach my child to be subservient or to pour tea well, but let's face it, there are worse things she can learn.

There are far too many unhappy marriages for me to believe all people marry for the right reasons, so why not teach our daughters to be successful and smart and demand the same in their partners?

The message may be old-fashioned and it may be a flashy package guaranteed to ruffle feathers, but it isn't an insane idea. I want both my children to be with educated, ambitious, and successful mates someday.

Maybe I don't call it "how to marry a rich person," but that is sort of the end result. Whether we mean to or not, as parents, we are always sending our children messages about relationships. Given how many parents are in bad ones, they aren't always positive ones.

So tell your child to marry an ambitious person who will take good care of them and their family. It's no worse than the things most people teach their kids unconsciously.

Do you think this class is awful?


Image via jollyUK/Flickr

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