Teen Skaters Saving Babies From a Hot Car Will Warm Your Heart (VIDEO)

teen skatersWhat does a group of teenagers hanging out together say to you? Trouble waiting to happen? Time to cross to the other sidewalk? OMG, there's no way I can take my kid into that restaurant with her virgin ears?

Now imagine those teenagers are all boys, and they all have skateboards in their hands. If your mind is racing, thinking about all the bad things skater kids can do, it's time to back away from your pre-conceived notions. Because it was a group of skater kids that saved two toddlers from the dangerous threat of a hot car in Bellevue, Washington this month.


The boys were doing what teen skater punks do. Filming themselves doing tricks in a parking lot. But the camera captured something much more amazing, something eminently more worthy of viral video status: a bright spot of hope in the world ... aka teen boys racing to the rescue of a screaming, distraught mom. WARNING, KICK THE KIDS OUT OF THE ROOM -- THESE ARE TEENAGERS, AND THEIR LANGUAGE IS A TAD ON THE NAUGHTY SIDE.

If that didn't drive your shame for rolling your eyes at groups of teens right out of you, you need to double check your sanctimommy jeans at the door. I'm a mom. I've locked my keys in my car before (fortunately not with my kid in there, but it can happen!!). These things happen. And you never know who is going to save you.

Those big signs at the mall that warn kids they can't spend time together in groups treat every teen like they're a criminal. But how many kids do you know that really cause trouble? Really? The teen hate is its own form of the racial profiling that drives us nuts in airports and on the streets with the cops.

But let this video be a lesson: teenagers can totally rock ... even groups of teenage skaters. Without them, who would have saved those kids?

Did this video restore your faith in humanity?


Image via YouTube

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