School That Calls Makeup Too Dangerous for Teens Is Right

mascaraSchool's still a month away (at least) in most areas of the country, but the fashion police are already out in one Florida district. The target? Makeup, and the teenage girls who wear it.

Officials in Lake County are calling mascara and eye shadow a safety concern for teens. I completely agree. For an entirely different reason.


The school is claiming that the two can block the view of the eyes. Now I'm no expert, but I've spent years on the search for the perfect mascara, the kind that doesn't clump and end up IN my eyes, thereby bothering my contacts and turning me into a weepy, red-eyed mess. Suffice to say, I've tried a lot of mascara brands and types over the years. And I've yet to find one that "blocks the view" of my eyeballs from other people. Luscious, thick lashes like that, and I'd be crowing from the rooftops, y'all. Not to mention eye shadow goes on the LID? How that blocks a teacher from looking INTO the eyes is beyond me.

So how is it a safety concern? Have you LOOKED inside a teenage girl's makeup bag lately? For a lot of them, it's a big ol' mess of year-old mascara wands and brushes caked with shadow. And just think: it only takes three months for bacteria to take over a mascara wand. Yummmm.

Now walk into a high school bathroom or girls' locker room, and things get really scary. You see the girls handing pots of eye shadow back and forth, girls poking through a friend's bag for a spare brush. They might as well be passing a test tube full of germs around the bathroom. The eye is among the most easily infected areas of the body, and sharing makeup is right up there on the list of the best ways to get sick.

Do you think teen girls are responsible enough with their makeup to keep themselves safe?


Image via sophmeatsix/Flickr

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