Amazing 9 Year Old Girl Brings Johnny Cash Back to Life (VIDEO)

Brooklynn ConleyMark the name Brooklynn Paige Conley somewhere in your brain. You're going to be hearing it a lot in the years to come. But for now, she's just a 9-year-old from Kentucky with a powerful set of pipes and a video that will send chills through your body.

Caught on camera singing Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," little Brooklynn's voice is anything but. It's no wonder people call her Little Loretta Lynn:


Did that make you sit up in your seat and take notice? Like the pint-sized dancer who wowed the folks at Safeco field a few weeks back getting down to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," what hit me about Brooklynn was how she managed to tackle the most adult of songs with a child's voice and give it depth. I can almost imagine this kid shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die ... she's got that much emotional range. She IS Johnny Cash, or at least a female version.

Beyond the joy of listening to someone really talented sing a song, little Brooklynn's venture on stage is a good reminder today that our kids' emotions run deep, that they're more complex creatures than we tend to think about. Our kids are more than their tantrums, more than their whining, more even than their most loving "I want to cuddle with Mommy" moment. And once they learn to harness those emotions, the world had better watch out ... they'll make their mark, just like Brooklynn Paige Conley.

Does this kid's video give you chills?


Image via YouTube

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