Inspiring Teen Takes on Man-Eating Shark and Lives (VIDEO)

nicholas vosslerSomebody please slap me the next time I complain about a little headache or stiff neck. Now that I've seen 12-year-old Nicholas Vossler's incredibly upbeat attitude after getting his foot nearly bitten off by a shark, I'm going to have to think twice before I start whining about some relatively minor physical ailment. I mean, come on, the kid is smiling in the video talking about how he wants to own an aquarium someday!

Apparently Nicholas was an avid fisherman (fisherboy) before the bull shark attack, which took place off the coast of Texas in waist-deep water, and even the brutal bite couldn't sour him on marine life. That's impressive enough, but what really blew me away was Vossler's immediate reaction to the attack: En route to the hospital, his head in his mother's lap, Vossler looked up and said, "Mom, you need to start praying."


The most eloquent attempt at a complete sentence I'd be able to manage after having my foot nearly severed from my body by a man-eating fish would be "Aaaaarrrrrggh!" All I can think is, somewhere along the line, this kid's parents must've done something very, very right. One thing they're doing that's definitely admirable is helping Nicholas to blog about his recovery. Way to turn a potentially devastating event into a growth experience! Seriously, I'm impressed. It takes some major parenting savvy to teach your kid how to turn a negative into a positive (a hard enough trick to learn how to do for ourselves).

I hope to God that I never, ever have to face a parenting challenge like this one. I'd rather be eaten alive by a great white than watch one of my kids go through what Nicholas has endured. So I don't even want to imagine what it must be like to be his mom, but when I force myself to, I know without a doubt that she is hands-down the proudest mother in the world right now.

Are you amazed at the bravery of Nicholas Vossler?

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