Coolest Thing to Happen to Braces

bracedletRight about now you're probably thinking: What is she talking about, the cool-est thing to happen to braces? Nothing plain old regular cool ever happened to braces in the first place! I suppose you have a point there. Perhaps I should have titled this post "The Only Cool Thing to Ever Happen to Braces."

That sounds kind of like a big, official announcement to make, though, and I'm not really up for that responsibility. In any case, I can promise you this: Bracedlets are really, really cool.


Who would've thought orthodontics and fashion could make such compatible bedfellows? Created by a team of -- duh -- orthodontists and jewelry designers, Bracedlets are made entirely out of authentic orthodontic materials: Colorful rubber bands, power chains and metal brackets. Oh, and all of it is brand new, of course.

Gross, did you really think they would make jewelry out of used braces? Actually, I bet somebody would. But definitely not these guys.

I do have a suggestion for their next project, though. The Bracedlets people should make jewelry to put on braces that kids already have in their mouths, like little charms or maybe something made out of rhinestones. Some braces bling, you know? That's a million dollar idea.

Wait, forget I ever said that. Until I buy the domain for Ka-ching!

Would you wear bracedlets?


Image via bracedlets


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