Look Out Tiger: 6-Year-Old Girl Golfer Sinks Hole in One

golf courseI used to play sports outside with my dad. We'd toss around the pig skin (look at me with my sports knowledge!) during NFL halftimes, we'd shoot hoops and kick the soccer ball. And when I would take him on mano a mano, he'd let me win. Or, at least, he wouldn't dominate like any man could versus a child. Times are a-changing though. I'm not sure what's in the Wheaties kids are eating these days, but 6-year-old Reagan Kennedy is certainly powering up before she takes on her dad. The golf-loving duo went out to the Links at Ireland Grove course in Bloomington, Illinois last week and Reagen, well, dominated.

She hit a hole in one.


Just to be clear, this isn't mini-golf we're talking about. It's real golf. Adult golf. And little Reagan is taking it by the golf balls.

She sank the 85-yard hole in one on a par 3 using a 4-hybrid, and after she and her family realized it was in the hole, Reagan didn't even celebrate. Taught from a young age to behave respectfully on a golf course, she didn't react that much. Apparently she just coolly walked over to the golf cart and was ready to move on. It didn't occur to her to scream until a few holes later.

Reagan Kennedy is bringing classy back to golf, one hole in one at a time. It's always amazing how much we can learn from the young ones, and Reagan's triumph is no exception. She's awesome!

Now. If she's available for lessons, I'm interested. I'm also interested in taking her on at a putt-putt course. Holes in one abound!

Don't you love that a 6-year-old girl is killing it on the golf course?

Photo via Ben Sutherland/Flickr

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