Teens Mentor Tweens by Calling Them Losers

tween and teenI'm an only child, so I don't really know what it's like to grow up with a big sister. But in my youthful daydreams, the character of "hip older sister" is typically depicted as the one person a teen girl can really count on to give her been-there/done-that advice, bail her out of jams, and occasionally buy her beer. Moms can be helpful and everything, but let's face it: By the time you're a teen, things have changed so much that your mother's counsel can't help but sound outdated and irrelevant.

Besides, she's your mom, so she's always going to skew a little more protective than you'd like. That's why I think the idea behind the advice-for-teens blog Stop Being a Loser is total genius.


With the tagline We mess up ... so you don't have to, the blog was started by recent college grads and BFFs Megan and Tricia for their little sisters -- and little sisters everywhere. Barely through the "hazing" of adolescence themselves, Megan and Tricia assure their readers that they're not "here to judge you, we're just here to help." They "still screw up frequently," they admit, which is actually great news: More of somebody else's mistakes to learn from!

Readers can submit questions, Dear Abby-style, to hear the bloggers' words of wisdom. Among recent queries:

My best friend is dating a total douche. HELP!

Why do girls wear high heels to high school?

Can you be friends with an ex?

Megan and Tricia always offer a refreshingly realistic perspective (No matter how hard you try to surround yourself with quality people, or how successful you think you are at this venture, you will lose at least one great friend to douchedom) and surprisingly useful tips (how to tell a Stage 1 Douche from a Stage 5 Douche, for example).

Which is exactly what you'd want to hear from a big sister.

Are you a big sister or did you have one?


Image via Jayme Jones/Flickr

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