Smart Kid Says Gay Marriage Is Good if There's Love (VIDEO)

calen youtube videoSomewhere out there, there's a cute little boy who should one day run for office. He can't yet say his "Rs," but he already understands the importance of equality and the true meaning of love. The young boy's name is Calen, but we'll just call him Little Boy Loves A Lot.

So when Little Boy Loves A Lot was asked on camera by a gay couple (his uncles? family friends?) what he thought of two husbands being together instead of a husband and a wife, Little Boy Loves A Lot ponders the query, asks a few poignant questions, makes up his mind, and then moves on.

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At first, Little Boy Loves A Lot is really confused. "YOU MARRIED EACH OTHER?!? THAT'S FUNNY!" Oh, yeah, and he's yelling the whole time. Someone might have taught him about tolerance and equality, but the whole inside-voice lesson went in one ear and out the other.

Anyway, Little Boy Loves A Lot continues processing what's going on and slowly begins to do some math. "I USUALLY SEE HUSBANDS AND WIFES ... BUT THIS IS THE VERY FOIST TIME I'VE SEEN HUSBAND AND HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!"

Little Boy Loves A Lot puts his hand on his forehead and takes a moment, then asks the only question that's important to the gay marriage case: "SO THAT MEANS YOU LOVE EACH OTHER???? OK. I'M GOING TO PLAY PING PONG NOW."

And scene. Kids only see love. Kids are confused by it sometimes, but understand that if there's love, there's happiness, and everything is OK. And once everything is OK, no need to press further, you can go back to your games.

Little Boy Loves A Lot should lead a congress of kids who should weigh in on political and social bills -- their opinions might be the simplest, most unbiased, fairest decisions we've ever heard. Wonder what they'd think of the budget crisis. Somebody get Little Boy Loves A Lot on the horn!

What do you take away from this video?

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