The WRONG Way to Talk to Your Child About Drugs

adderall pillsAdderall is causing a buzz again -- not just because outspoken singer Lily Allen says models are taking it to kill their appetites, but also over claims that it’s the drug of choice for middle-schoolers. Yes, middle-schoolers!

Before you get all jittery over the news that your teen might be popping prescription amphetamines to deal with an overbooked schedule (seriously?), wait just a minute. Is it really so much of an epidemic that you need to talk to kiddo specifically about Adderall? As in, "Sweetie pie, just say no ... to Adderall"?


One writer claims it's such a big problem that parents should make special mention of Adderall when talking about peer pressure with their kids. That's ridiculous! I just can't believe, as the writer argues, that today's teens are so overspent with school and extracurricular activities that they're turning to Adderall -- in droves -- to stay awake. Granted ... I am far removed from my teen days and don't have teenagers yet myself, but really? If this is the case, what in God's name are we doing to our kids!?

One 16-year-old honors student tells Patch:

There just isn't enough time in my day to get good grades, hold down my part-time job, play sports, and still stay connected to my friends. Luckily, I have friends who have access to legally prescribed amphetamines. I'd never be able to do it all without the pills.

Come on. Call me a skeptic, but I'm guessing the alarm is just hype. There's always some new thing to scare parents about. Sure, legal speed is another tempting substance for teens to abuse, but so are all the other illegal, prescription, and OTC drugs out there. I have to show ID to buy cold medicine!

Plus, a recent study found that half of American teens drink or use drugs. HALF of American teens! And prescription meds still trail behind alcohol and pot as their favorites. Translation: Teenagers drink and do drugs. It's scary, but it's life, and you have to hope that your kids make smart decisions with the guidance you have given them. Of course you should talk to your kids about prescription pills, but I'm sorry -- I just don't see the need to single Adderall out or get all crazy about it.

Do you think talking to your kids specifically about Adderall is really necessary?


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