Teen Boy Offers Justin Bieber Chance at a Normal Childhood (VIDEO)

Justin BieberThere's a lot to be said for the way Justin Bieber has handled his teen years. Rocketing to stardom, his idea of "rebelling" is to tattoo the name "Jesus" on his body. But while Moms and Dads of America see the Biebs and think, "Wow, his Mom has got it goooood," one teenage boy sees a different story.

When Leon, a rising high school junior, looks at Bieber, he sees a teenage boy who doesn't get to act like one. He's got a point -- how many normal teen boys' girlfriends get death threats just for dating him? So guess how Leon aims to fix this problem childhood? By inviting Bieber to his prom in 2012.


Sounds ... intriguing? Let's clear the air here, folks, Leon is not a gay teen (which he makes clear about 1,000 times over in typical straight guy terrified of being labeled gay fashion). He has plans to invite a girl as his actual date to his junior prom, but he thinks Bieber needs a night out with his "guy fans" to escape all the screaming tween girls and just be a normal kid. Well, that and the insecure Leon doesn't think the girl he wants to dance with will say yes, so he's hoping Bieber and Selena Gomez can come keep him company:

It's all a big fat "pay attention to me" scheme on Leon's part. His JPMay300 YouTube account is full of odes to Bieber. But he makes a valid point, doesn't he? We're watching another child star shed his childhood each riot outside of a hotel room, crazed death squad on Twitter, feature on Glee ... at a time.

If I look past my "OMG, my 6-year-old won't stop singing 'Baby'" crank factor long enough, I see a kid who is doing remarkably well -- all things considered -- but I start to feel a wee bit bad for him too. Even star kids making mega bucks and annoying songs deserve to have their first dance in an uncomfortable outfit with dozens of other zit-covered creeps trying not to bump into each other while they figure out how to keep from stepping on their date's toes. It's a milestone of childhood!

The Biebs could do worse for a "normal" teen experience than hanging out with this wacky teen. Leon has apparently been "bullied" for liking Bieber, throwing him in with the 77 percent of kids who have experienced bullying. Maybe a little love from The Biebs will up his reputation in high school and get the bullies off his back? It seems a fair trade for a taste of "normal" for the night.

Do you ever look at Justin Bieber and wonder how much of a childhood he's really getting? Would you let your kid follow the Bieber path?


Image via Jake Auzzie/Flickr

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