Teen's Stupid, Scary Fall Won't Stop Other Teens (VIDEO)

Teenagers are infamous for making really poor decisions. Whether it's the decision to drink and get behind the wheel or the decision to have unprotected sex, very often we parents are just left to wring our hands, worry and hope that our own teenager's dumb decisions don't cause him or her long-term harm.

We know some things to teach them -- ask for birth control if you plan to have sex, use a condom if you do, do not ever drink and get behind the wheel of a car -- but some of the smaller ones, like "don't drink and ride on an escalator," are forgotten. Because why would any parent think of this?

It's always the hidden dangers no one thinks of that get you and no one knows this better than Shane O'Malley, an 18-year-old from Boston who tried to go up the side of an escalator, but was so drunk he fell. Near the top, he tried again but fell 20 feet. See below:


Pretty terrifying footage, no? And what is even more terrifying is that he was trying to do the right thing. He had taken the T (subway in Boston) rather than drinking and driving. And he still almost got killed. Teens will learn nothing from it, but maybe they should.

Drinking as a teenager is stupid. Of course, I did it and everyone I know did it, too. My saying that won't stop countless teens from doing it. Maybe even this video won't stop them. After all, he was doing something dumb, something no one thinks they would do while they're sober (actually, many teen boys probably would do this sober).

Maybe the PSA here is not to have a PSA. Maybe it's just that teens are dumb and they do dumb things, and as parents, we have to cross our fingers and hope that the dumb things they do either have happy endings (like this one) or they don't harm anyone at all. 

Did you do dumb things as a teen?

Image via jo-h/Flickr

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