Lovable Dad Calls Daughter 'Stupid' in Yearbook Ad

high school yearbook
Not Rianna, nor kids from her school.
It's that time of year when high school seniors across the country are leaning on their cars in the student parking lot, flipping to the back of their hundred-dollar yearbooks to see how their parents paid to humiliate them in the ads section. When Rianna Somogyi of Aliso Viejo, California, turned the page and saw that her dad George had taken out a $500 ad to bash her, she was a little confused.

Her first reaction was to kill him, natch, but then, after a few reads of his insults, she came around and is now totally cool with it. Would you be OK if your dad called you "a waste of valuable space" with the "intellectual capacity of lemon meringue pie" who thinks that "your teachers all agree you are as bright as a 3-watt bulb"?


I'd be honored! But that's just my sense of humor. And apparently it's Rianna and George's, too. The insults are totally G-rated and you can almost hear the laughter and hugs that would come out of such a roast. Rianna had apparently told her dad how much she hated those lovey-dovey ads that parents usually make for their graduates, so George decided to riff off her disdain.

The ad, framed in funny pictures of Rianna, read:

You are a complete waste of valuable space. You have the mental capacity of lemon meringue pie. Your mere existence can be used to disprove Darwin's survival-of-the-fittest. Your teachers all agree you are as bright as a 3-watt bulb. Your friends have voted you "Most Likely To Staple Your Eyelids Closed." Whereas most parents quote the Bible, I will leave you to go forth in life with this ancient Yiddish saying: "Chadkha led hezmokah a frotz tov amin dada" which loosely translates to "camel patties attract flies, hummus attracts pita chips." You are the former.

Comedic gold right there. I'm memorizing that last bit with the Yiddish saying (that George admits is just gibberish) so that I can use that in my unborn children's senior yearbook. Not everyone thinks it's as funny as I do ... the school says they've gotten some angry emails. People don't get it's a joke and the lack of "Love, Dad" or any indication that this wasn't a mean girl attempt at bashing Rianna has left people confused.

I get that it's weird that the Dad didn't sign it, but whateves. He said that he didn't add his signature or a "JK!" to the ad because half the fun was seeing the reactions of people who thought the ad had mal-intent. He told Patch:

I had no idea it was going to be like this. But more important than any of this is that my daughter thinks it is funny. It wasn't meant for anyone else. And if you are angry and bent out of shape about this ad, you walked right into being the butt of our joke. To those people I say, "Thank you—you proved our point."

Whoa ho ho, easy there, George! We get it. It's funny! A father/daughter relationship that shares humor is one that will thrive. I like the ad, if not really, really like the ad, and think it's great that Rianna and George get along so well.

Do you think the ad is offensive or funny?

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