Cutest Video Game Dancer Ever Is Pint-Sized (VIDEO)

Dance Central kidWhen it comes to video games and kids, haters wanna hate. Aaack, they're making our kids into violent, fat little slugs! But a little boy caught on camera at a mall in Washington trying out the Kinect at the Microsoft store should be the new hero of gaming families everywhere (mine included).

The store in Bellevue Square naturally had a Microsoft game -- Dance Central -- set up for play. Only somehow the game was set on "hard" (odd considering usually stores try to sell you stuff, so they set it on easy peasy). And while the average adult would have a "hard" time keeping up with a digitized dancer moving to Rihanna's "Disturbia," well, what do you think happened? Take a look:


Seriously, every time I hear how awful video games are for kids, I want to show them this video. Did you SEE how that kid moved? Did he look violent? Or the least bit slug-like?

It's all about the games, people! Choose age-appropriate stuff. Choose stuff that, gasp, lets them move. (Thank you Wii! Thank you Kinect!) Set limits! Living in the northeast where it, ahem, snows, I love my Wii in the winter for the chance to let my kid do something else active when she starts to tire of everything else inside the house. We're a gaming family because my husband is a gamer, but we're a gaming family because it's good for our kid.

And any time anyone criticizes me for it, I'm not going to bother with my usual speech. I'm just going to show them this video. Do your kids play video games?

Image via YouTube

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