5 Germiest Places in Your Teen's Room

messy roomI'm not the tidiest person in the world, but even I find the depths of disarray in the average teenager's room horrifying. Who knows what might be lurking beneath each layer of dirty clothes and balled-up papers and candy wrappers and empty cans ... a moldy chicken leg? A once-damp towel that's grown so mildew-y the smell of it nearly knocks you down? A sewer rat? Anything is possible. Better to just avoid going in there if you can (unlike your teen, your immune system hasn't built up a natural defense to such surroundings), but if you absolutely have to enter your teen's biohazard of a bedroom, make an effort to avoid these especially germ-ridden spots.

  1. The computer's keyboard and/or mouse. Depending on whether you have a son or a daughter, you'll find traces of everything from potato chip grease to acne cream to bodily fluids to another kid's bodily fluids on that keyboard, so don't even think about going into your teen's History (you don't want to know anyway).
  2. The bed. Since you're hardly ever allowed in your teen's room anymore and he certainly isn't going to wash his own bedding, you can bet those sheets have seen a thing or two over the past few months. Even if all bedtime activity has been perfectly innocent, there are likely still enough dust mites and dried puddles of drool to send you screaming in terror.
  3. The floor. Clear away all those aforementioned layers of junk and this is what you'll find: Either a carpet or hardwood floor so disfigured by stains and scratches you might be tempted to just move out of your house and start fresh somewhere else.
  4. The TV remote control. No different than the computer's keyboard, particularly if you don't have a parental block on Cinemax.
  5. Every remaining surface. Doesn't matter if it's a desk or a bedside table or a bookshelf, you can trust that at some point, your teen put something gross on it (shoes, dirty underwear, sweaty socks, snotty tissues ... this list could go on forever).

What parts of your teen's room are the filthiest?


Image via Adam Campbell/Flickr

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