'Glee' Helps Save the Music in Schools Near You

GleeThere's a lot Glee has done right for America's kids. Like putting a gay, teen-aged main character on television. Letting a girl weighing more than 5 pounds attend high school on television. Letting loose discussions of teenage issues from sleepovers and sex to prom. But this could be their most meaningful move yet.

Glee stars have partnered with VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help Glee make a real difference in the lives of American kids. So where are they starting?


With the music programs, naturally. Not surprisingly, music education is facing major cutbacks as instructional spending as a whole is slashed nationwide. Not valued as core programming, musical programs at some schools have been cut entirely, others simply cut to bare bones. And yet, musical education isn't just about music itself. Studies have shown kids who study music perform better at their other studies.

And as the kids on Glee show, for kids who are musically inclined, it's an outlet. It's a means to find a niche in the rough world of high school. It's a place to call their own.

Iqbal Theba, better known to the world as Principal Figgins, the quirky and sometimes clueless mediator between Mr. Schue and Sue Sylvester on the show, has partnered with the VH1 Foundation and a program called SuperFutures. Fan SuperFutures on Facebook and Chegg, a textbook company, will donate 25 cents per person to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation (for the first 8,000 fans). In turn, the foundation uses the funds to help restore instrumental music programs that were cut at schools nationwide, even buying instruments for kids who need them.

And in case you haven't already seen it, Glee's Amber Riley (power diva Mercedes) is serving as the foundation's ambassador, and she could use your help helping kids too:

Is your kids' music program in danger?


Image via Fox

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