Only a Bad Parent Would Allow Their Kid to Get Plastic Surgery

mean girlsMean Girls suck. This is a fact, and it is also a fact that nobody gets through high school without being picked on by the Heathers for some physical "defect." So teen girls getting plastic surgery to avoid being teased? Pointless, not to mention dangerous. Because the Mean Girls aren't really making fun of your kid's nose or ears or that mole on your child's chin. They're just using that particular physical feature as an excuse to make her feel bad about herself. That's why they're called Mean Girls.

Thirteen-year-old Aubrey Woodward and her 11-year-old sister Brooke think that getting their ears pinned back will make the teasing go away. Unfortunately, it won't.

I get why Aubrey and Brooke's mom and other mothers like her are giving in to requests for nose jobs and breast reductions with all the recent cases of teens killing themselves to escape the torture of being bullied. But this is a dangerous message.


If my daughter came home crying every day because she was being teased, I'd be flat-out scared myself. And if it seemed like plastic surgery would solve everything ("Mom, they make fun of me because of my nose. If I got a nose job, they would stop!"), it would be tempting to go ahead with the procedure.

But as any woman who got her high school diploma and lived to tell the tale can attest, if it wasn't the nose, it'd be the hair. Or the shoes. Or the tiny birthmark only visible with a magnifying glass. What kind of lesson would we be teaching our teens by allowing them to surgically alter their bodies? Go ahead, risk your life to please other people! Yes, your self-esteem does depend on what everybody else thinks!

I don't care how low the mortality rates are, plastic surgery -- and surgery -- is risky. I encourage any mother considering any type of procedure for her daughter to google the phrase "plastic surgery nightmare." Yeah, that's what I thought.

Would you let your teen daughter get plastic surgery to avoid being bullied?


Image via studiostoer/Flickr

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