Morning Wake Up Calls From Schools = Brilliant

phoneQuick. What's the worst part of getting your kids off to school in the morning? Did you say getting them UP so you can actually get them out the door? Introducing the idea so brilliant I wish I'd thought of it myself: morning wake-up calls for teenagers FROM their school.

See? Genius! A new practice that's popping up at schools across the country, it's pretty easy to achieve. Just like the automated calls you already get when the school is doing something big (I just got one to remind my kid school is IN session on what WOULD have been a holiday if we hadn't had so many snow days), they don't take any manpower. It's all automated.


Again, I say brilliant. Because teenagers have it rough. They have HOURS of homework and rarely get the amount of sleep they really need because of it. Chemically wired to stay up late, their bodies are begging them to sleep in the next morning. And then there's school, which studies have proven starts too darn early. Put them all together, and it's near impossible to get the kids up in the morning without getting your head snapped off before you, yourself, have had a chance to have the caffeine necessary to help you keep your cool.

But here's the thing, parents, we aren't the reason mornings are such a bear. The school is. They pile on the homework. They make the kids show up at the crack of dawn ... and then leave it to us to get them up. In a perfect world, we'd be able to send the kids to bed when we think they're ready, not after they finish three term papers and a science report!

If the schools are going to turn our kids into zombies in the morning, the least they can do is help us wake our living dead.

What do you say? Best idea ever? Will your school do it?


Image via tjscenes/Flickr

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