Moms Should Not Feel Bad About Facebook!

It's no secret that moms -- and stay-at-home moms in particular -- like social media. If you're reading this right now, unless you're a first-time visitor or here for another reason, chances are you're a mom who is engaging in social interaction on the web.

Whether it's here or Facebook or LinkedIn or some other version of social media, we moms get few daily interactions with adults and there are times these become our lifeline. But apparently, we're supposed to feel guilty about that -- or at least that is what this YouTube video asking Mom to get off Facebook would imply.

Look, unless you're playing FarmVille so much you kill your baby for interrupting your game, you're probably OK. We moms have so, so, so many things to fret over and feel guilty about, but Facebook shouldn't be one of them. It seems like yet another way to tell us moms we're doing it wrong. See for yourself:


Personally, I trust moms to keep their Facebook usage in check. Yes, I know mine sometimes creeps higher than I would like, but I also know that it's the only way I communicate with friends now. So what's the problem?

It just always seems like someone out there is trying to make us feel guilty about our choices. We do so much for our children every single day in so many ways, so why can't we have this one little pleasure without feeling bad about it?

Facebook helps with parenting, too. Last week when I was stressed about my daughter's preschool situation, there were a dozen other parents in the same boat with me and we were able to share information (and commiserate). I have talked fevers with friends from middle school who have children much older than mine and been asked questions about teething from people I barely knew in college but now consider friends.

It's a strange way to socialize, but for moms, it can be a lifeline. So, yeah. I might spend some time social networking, but that doesn't shortchange my kid. And this kid in the video looks old enough to entertain himself. If he can't think of anything better to do than watch TV, then he's not very creative.

Do you feel like the mom in this video is a bad mom?


Image via YouTube

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