Bully Victim Phoebe Prince Gets Posthumous Apology (VIDEO)

kayla nareyThere's nothing more disturbing than a stone-faced remorseless teen standing in a courtroom being sentenced for some horrific crime. That's why it was ... well, comforting, kind of ... to see at least one of the teens who plead guilty to criminal harassment charges in the bullying-related death of Phoebe Prince break down in court yesterday.

Sean Mulveyhill and Kayla Narey, both 18, were sentenced to a year's probation and community service for the roles they played in the January 2010 suicide of classmate Phoebe Prince, but Narey alone cried as she read a prepared statement of apology to Prince's family. Which was fitting, since Narey was the ringleader of the campaign to ostracize Prince.


The story reads like a real-life version of Mean Girls: Prince was the new girl in school, having recently moved from Ireland to Massachusetts with her family, when Mulveyhill asked her out. Little did she know that Narey, Mulveyhill's ex-girlfriend, was holder of the Heathers scrunchie. Enraged over her ex's new flame, Narey turned her entire clique against Prince, launching an onslaught of in-person and online torment that didn't let up even after Prince stopped dating Mulveyhill.

For his part, Mulveyhill remained void of emotion during the sentencing. Still, I'll cut him some slack -- the kid probably could've done more to stop the bullying, but he didn't start the ball rolling. I also doubt that Narey, mean girl or not, meant for Prince to die, but the fact that she was sorry, shaken, and "ashamed," as she put it, was at least appropriate. It terrifies me when teens seem as hardened to their crimes as seasoned serial killers.

Do you think Narey and Mulveyhill showed proper remorse?


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