Teen Staged Hunger Strike to Attend Prince William Wedding

westminster abbeyBoo! Broke Mexican teen Estibalis Chavez was so desperate to get an invite to the royal wedding that she staged a hunger strike in front of the British embassy in Mexico City. After 16 grueling days (and, one would assume, quite a few pounds lost), a kindhearted local lobbyist bought the 19-year-old a plane ticket to London -- he even drove her to the airport. But what happened when the tenacious teen finally arrived in the UK? Those snooty Brit officials immediately sent her packing. Their gripe? Chavez couldn't give them an address of where she'd be staying in London and didn't have enough cash on her person to pay for a hotel. Pip-pip and cheerio, starving girl with a dream to see Prince William get married!

Now I'm not a member of the Royal Fan Club myself, but this girl has certainly proven her status as #1 Fan. Shouldn't she be rewarded for her perseverance? (Isn't that the message we're supposed to send to our teens -- follow your dreams/don't give up/try, try again?)


So now the young anglophile is stranded at a youth hostel in Madrid (where she had a layover on her way back to Mexico), trying to figure out a way to make it back to England in time for the nuptials. Yup, just Chavez and the giant portrait of William and Kate she painted to give the couple as a gift. Ready for the story to get really sad? The wannabe wedding guest's fascination with British royalty stems from her late mother's obsession with Princess Diana.

Yes, the mother Chavez never knew because she died giving birth to her loved Diana dearly. So obviously this dogged determination to witness William and Kate's wedding vows is more than just the whim of a superfan -- for Chavez, it's nothing short of a vision quest. Come on, set a place for this kid at the table!

We tell our teens they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Of course, as adults, we know this isn't always the case (for example, I am not an Academy Award-winning actress ... yet), but wouldn't it be nice to make the occasional fairytale come true, even if only to serve as inspiration for all the starry-eyed dreamers to come?

Do you think Chavez should be invited to the royal wedding?


Image via Oliver Mallich/Flickr

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