Starburst Prom Dress Is Pretty Sweet Stuff (VIDEO)

starburst prom dress

As a teenager, I didn't go to prom. I was pretty awkward and didn't know how to dress, let alone talk to boys. But I'm happy to hear that there are brave teenagers out there, specifically in Wisconsin. It's such a sugary sweet tale of high school dance fashion.

A mom in Wisconsin dedicated six years to making her daughter's prom dress out of Starburst candy wrappers. She turned a sticky situation into a wearable frock, and to my surprise, no one seems embarrassed by it. Really? I mean, she's a teen after all, and I mean, wearing a dress made out of usually discarded trash could be frowned upon in a high school. Granted, it's well made and colorful, but still waxy garbage.

But! She looks awesome and owns it. Teen of the year.


Did I mention that her mom worked on this for six whole entire years? That is some doggedness and ... craziness. In a good way, I guess, because her daughter loves the dress, the shoes, and the clutch she's wearing made out of Starburst wrappers.

Don't worry -- her boyfriend (her date) wasn't left out of the candy-coated fun. He got to wear a vest made out of the wrappers. And he ... didn't hate it. He didn't have a choice he said, so I guess he's a good sport. Can't really ask more from a teen than to be a gosh golly good sport.

The video really says it all (she says with a mouthful of Starbursts, shrugs, walks off stage).

And scene.

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