16-Year-Old Survives Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Attempt

Golden Gate BridgeWhether it was a sign from above, fate, or sheer luck, when a 16-year-old girl tried to kill herself by jumping from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge this weekend, she instead survived. She was found "conscious and responsive" under the bridge Sunday morning, against all odds.

According to authorities, suicide attempts from the bridge are common, but surviving them is not. While a 17-year-old was recently in the news for jumping from it for fun and walking away virtually unscathed, most aren't so fortunate.

According to reports, it was a good Samaritan that kept the girl afloat in the 53-degree water for 20 minutes before rescuers reached her. Talk about being doubly blessed -- to first survive the 220-foot leap, and then to have someone witness it and come to her aid. It gives me chills.


It's an amazing story, and I can't help but imagine headlines in my mind telling this girl's story in 10, 20, or 30 years when she's gone on in life to do amazing things and looks back at how she almost gave it all up. I hope that's what happens anyway.

The teenage years are hard, so damn hard, and I remember thinking just how endless some of the pain and heartache seemed. Suicide is so often glamorized and seems like an easy escape to end it, but what's hard to see at that age is just how much better things get, how much amazing life there is out there to explore, experience, and embrace beyond high school. If they can only wait.

This girl seemingly couldn't wait, but now she's been given a second chance. Hopefully she will see this as some kind of sign that she's special, that there are great things in store for her in life -- anything to make her realize that her life is worth living.

Have you ever had a friend or loved one attempt suicide?

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