Is Demi Lovato the Best Role Model for Anti-Perfection PSA? (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato PSAI'm rooting for Demi Lovato, really I am. But something about her new PSA for the project "Love Is Louder Than the Pressure to Be Perfect" doesn't sit right with me, and I think it's the tie-in with Seventeen Magazine. If looks really aren't all that important, why are most of the articles in Seventeen still about how to look hot?

Page through the issue of Seventeen where Demi "opens up" about the show-biz pressures that led her to develop depression, eating disorders, and a cutting habit, and you'll find plenty of articles with splashy titles like "Do Your Makeup Like a Pro" and "Spring Nails We Are Loving!"


I'm not saying there's anything wrong with beauty/fashion magazines, or that Demi needs to grow a unibrow and wear a dumpy old sweatshirt to get her point across in the PSA. But if she's going to look, well, perfect while she decries perfectionism, can't she at least recite a few passages from The Beauty Myth or something? The advice she offers her fans, such as finding healthy outlets to deal with stress ("I like to paint," she offers), does nothing to address the underlying issue of why society expects young women to live up to unattainable standards in the first place. 

To be fair, Demi is still a kid, recently out of rehab, who probably hasn't figured out half this stuff herself. But Seventeen could do a little more to walk the walk, like regularly featuring models who aren't actually models or celebrating the achievements of young women who don't have stylists or personal trainers. 

Do you think magazines geared toward teens need to make a change?

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