Maxi Pads to Make Starting Your Period Way Too Young More Fun

Once you reach the age of 12 and much sooner if you're in any way an active person, you usually realize that tampons are a much better deal than maxi pads. The latter are a messy, annoying affair that basically make having your period more like being a toddler who is still not potty trained.

Of course, now girls as young as 7 and 8 are starting their periods (AGH!), and these girls aren't old enough for tampons. So now Kotex has created a new line called U by Kotex Tween that's aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds.

Yes, you read that right. Pads for 8-year-olds. Never in one million years did I ever imagine that I might be dealing with a menstruating child in less than four years. So. Not. Ready.

But I digress. The concept is awesome.


The pads are 18 percent smaller (both shorter and narrower) than regular Kotex pads. They come in glittery boxes with star and heart designs (so fun!). But even the best maxi pads in the world can't disguise my horror at the idea of my preschooler being a menstruating tween in less than the amount of years she has already lived on Earth.

Life is too darn short as it is and childhood, too. I have no interest in rushing her into another phase. I guess these pads make the best of a situation that has been caused by hormones in the milk and whatever other god awful way we have messed up our bodies.

Good on Kotex for their videos that walk terrified parents (like me) through chatting with their very young daughters about things we thought we might be waiting on. I'm already trying to be very open with my daughter. She sees the period accessories I use and we're open about what they're for, but I would be lying if I said she seems excited.

"I don't ever want to BLEED like that Mommy!" she told me a few weeks ago when I tried to calmly explain what a "period" was after she saw me buying tampons. There is no easy way to deal with this stuff with girls this small, so even though it's disturbing that we need it, I'm glad at least one company is taking the initiative to help at least make it more fun.

Would you buy these fun pads for your daughter?


Image via Kotex

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