Baggy Pants Save Teen From Deadly Alligator

alligatorNothing gets us cranky old biddies up in arms like a big ol' teenage hiney crack taunting us from above a pair of droopy drawers. I'm telling you, it feels GOOD yelling "pull up your pants." Like you're making society better.

But an alligator in Florida has ruined it for us Moms. Ruined it! Because a teenager named Kendrick Williams is telling the world that his baggy pants were the only thing that saved his life from the jaws of a hungry 10-foot-long gator. Williams was walking home from work when the swamp creature lunged out of a pond and attacked. But thanks to the extra room in those baggy bottoms, all the gator got was a mouthful of fabric.

It looks like we moms have to leave the teens alone and go back to picking up icky litter on the roadside to help society. Darn gator!


Do teens and their baggy pants drive you nuts?

Image via Bogeskov/Flickr

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