Incredible Teen Turns Her Cow Into a 'Horse' (VIDEO)

Regina Mayer LunaDo you ever get sick of hearing how self-centered today's teens are? How spoiled and bratty? Listening to half the parents out there makes me fear desperately for our future. But a teenager named Regina Mayer just undid all that gloom and doom.

The German teen's parents told her they wouldn't buy her a horse. She could have skulked off into her room to sulk, but she didn't. She went outside, saddled up a cow named Luna who was living on the family farm, and she's spent the past two years teaching the cow how to do what a horse would. Yay Regina! You go girl!


The adorable story of Regina and Luna is so goofy, you almost have to watch videos of the two jumping over fences to believe it, but it gave me a good grin. I know what it's like to worry over whether you're giving your kids too much or not enough. Having just one, it's easy to fall into the spoiling route. You love your kids, and you WANT to say yes.

I'm not perfect, but I fight it at every turn. Because one of the best gifts we can give our kids, besides security, is enough room and enough NEED to develop an imagination. Give them too much, and they don't have to think about "what if" because they take everything great in their life for granted. Corny, but true, there's no room to dream.

Regina could have moaned and whined and wore her parents down, but she didn't have to because she was resourceful. She looked outside her house and came up with another solution to her problems. That's what colleges are looking for, what a potential employer is going to look for. They want a teenager who can fend for herself (or himself), not one who has to go running back to Mommy, Daddy, and the bank account when things get tough.

Just watching Regina and Luna, I've got a grin on my face. Her parents should be proud of her and proud of themselves. Watch them in action, then tell us, is it hard to say no to your kids? What happens when you do?

Image via YouTube

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