'Father' Avenging Daughter's Rape Is Murderous Liar

pinocchio long nose liarWell, the case of Joseph Ntshongwana, the vengeful father and ex-South Africa rugby player who beheaded one of his daughter's rapists and killed two others with an axe, takes a bit of a horrifying turn today. According to The Australian, the rape of his daughter didn't happen -- and, well, he doesn't even appear to have a daughter. That's right. This triple murder was no revenge and he is no father.

Oh, this is awful. Is this someone's idea of a sick April Fools' Joke? Doesn't look like it. We all got duped into rising to the defense of a man (or at least relating to where we thought he was coming from) who now looks to be a murderous psychopath who knew just what to say to make his violent crimes seem justified.


Wow, getting news from South Africa is apparently harder than that crazy kids' game of Telephone. The story sure got really wacky on its way across the ocean.

After Ntshongwana's court appearance and an outpouring of public sympathy for his plight, police announced that no rape was being investigated as a result of Ntshongwana's crimes -- that they can't even confirm the man has a daughter. Vincent Mdunge, a police spokesman, said:

We have ruled out completely the element of rape. There has not been any element of rape that is attached to him. He therefore has been killing people out of evil nature.

My God. What happened to this young former rugby star? What made him snap? This is a brutal and horrifying story, and unfortunately, one that struck a chord and some passionate conversation with many of our readers.

Do you feel duped by this man's lies?


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