Casual Sex Site for Collegiates Is Dangerous & Disgusting

eduhookups.comUndergrads trying to get laid are in luck because a few weeks ago, a University of Chicago student started, a site designed to pair students looking for a casual sexual liaison, with just a click of their mouse.

Due to its quick success, the site has changed its name to and has expanded to other colleges including DePaul University and, by next week, Ivy League universities Brown and Yale.

This idea makes images of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and stunted emotions do a little dirty dance in my head. I'm sure glad that I'm not in college now. 


Though I have to admit that the concept is brilliant on some level because college students typically are looking for immediate gratification. And they're so busy going to class and trying to get good grades, who has the time to go to fraternity parties or spend hours at the library flirting with that cute boy in the stacks next to them. All you need is an email address ending in .edu and, bam, next thing you know you're in bed with some co-ed you've never met before. 

Really? And people are okay with this? I'm not, which at first glance may strike some as hypocritical since I write a lot about the joys of sex. I can't condone casual sex, not to be confused with pre-marital sex, for anyone 21 years of age or younger. I know I'm making some broad generalizations here. But I just think kids that age are too young to really be aware of the pitfalls of casual sex, physical and emotional.

College kids have a lot of rampant running hormones. And I understand the need to experiment with your sexuality. But if you're just looking to get off, check out some erotica, buy yourself a sex toy, or find a friend with benefits. Because in addition to all the other things wrong with the eduHookups site, it also seems unsafe, meeting up with someone you don't know just because they have an email address with an .edu on the end of it.

Do you think the idea behind site is brilliant or repulsive?


Image via eduHookups

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