Naked Teen Terrorizes Pre-School (VIDEO)

teen sexually molests pre schoolInappropriate sexual conduct and teenage boys often go hand-in-hand. Which is exactly why I'm installing a lock on my son's door as soon as he hits age 12. But this teenager is in need of some serious help as his sexual exploration just crossed over into criminal (and incredibly disgusting) territory.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested after police released a video of him breaking into a Los Angeles pre-school, ramsacking the school, and sexually touching himself while walking in circles. A resident of the area recognized the boy, which led to his arrest.

This video, even though it's blurred, may not be safe for work.


What's even more disturbing is this is the second time this has happened in this pre-school, and by the same suspect. I'd be looking into this kid's history, especially his early childhood development, to see if any sexual abuse took place. Additionally, get this kid into some hardcore therapy, because something is not right. I actually feel sorry for him, even though what he did is so incredibly messed up. Because who would act out in this way if they weren't damaged somehow? At the same time, someone's got to keep this kid away from small children.

I also feel for the parents and teachers of this pre-school. How can you feel safe, not to mention sanitary, after seeing this video? Right now I'm thanking god this isn't my kid's pre-school in LA. GAH.

What do you think should happen to this teenage vandal?

Image via LindaH/Flickr

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