Facebook ‘Smut List’ Outs High Schoolers With Bad Reps

Teen girlBeing the latest hot topic to come tumbling out the high school rumor mill is almost always a deeply devastating experience for any teenage girl. I can only imagine how a batch of Connecticut and New York teens are feeling right now after being outed on a "smut list" that racked up 7,000 likes overnight on Facebook.

So out of hand is this collective, which names over 100 gals from several different high schools, the local police are intervening to find out who started the virtual badmouthing in the first place. 


This is how technology goes terribly, terribly wrong. It’s one thing to call a girl a ‘slut’ in the hallway between gym and lunch. Slathering her first and last name on a compilation that grows interstate legs and circulates the ‘net via social media? That’s over the top. And wrong.

School officials are treating the list like a cyberbullying incident, which means big legal trouble and really long court dates for whoever is at the root of it, considering that’s the latest hot button word to get politicians and other fancy-titled folks all riled up. But can I be the person timidly raising their hand in the back of the room before the witch hunt picks up speed to beg an answer to what I think is the bigger question: How did these girls get this shared reputation in the first place? I’m wondering if their parents are just outraged at them being called out publicly for being hoochies or if they’re trying to get to the root of the rumor like I would if I heard my daughter had earned herself a little name as a spiraling, swirling fast ass.

I don’t believe in blaming the victim. I do not. But I still think I would do some digging around for that gray area between adult fact and teen fiction to figure out what my girl had been up to and where this story got started in the first place. My main concern for these 100 girls involved, whether this list is truth, lie, or other, is their health — goodness gracious, are they practicing safe sex if they are in fact busting it up on a regular basis? — and hoping their parents find out just who they’re laying down with, because if there are grown men involved, then that’s a whole other ball of wax that trumps some list any day.

How would you react if your daughter was rumored to be a bit loose? Defend her honor? Research her activities? Revel in denial?

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