Hey Parents -- The Favorite Teacher's the One to Worry About

classroomI'm going to take you back, for a moment, to an unpleasant time. High school. Wherever. Whenever. Remember the "favorite teacher"? He/she was probably a super nice guy. Tried to be your friend. Could always be counted on for an A if you just leaned a little?

Hindsight's 20/20 and all that, but there's something about adulthood that makes you think back and realize your "favorite teacher" wasn't necessarily the best one. Or the one you want to stick up for nowadays. In fact, he was probably an immature creep. But don't tell the 300-some kids who marched out of a Utah high school to protest their favorite coach's removal from his duties on child abuse allegations. The kids had the audacity to tell reporters that the child that teacher and coach Steve North allegedly pushed into a wall "got what was coming to him."


Easy to say when it's another kid. Try telling his parents that. Try telling the average teenager that every teacher should have the right to push him or her into walls.

There's nothing I hate more than peeing in the corn flakes of a bunch of righteous teens. I love seeing them stand up for something -- anything -- instead of sitting around on Facebook whining FML every day. But here I go anyway. Because the teacher who made everyone love them and the teacher who taught you to write a winning college essay can be one and the same. But as this case in Utah has proven this week, sometimes getting the kid vote is really working against you.

They love the mom who lets her kids have parties at the house. And the dad who drops his kid off at said parties without saying a word. And yes, the teacher who acts more like a friend than a teacher. Who acts more like them than a teacher.

In Utah, they're siding with a teacher who allegedly got physical with a student, even after admitting that he did it. This is where you shake your head and say, "Kids, KIDS, not the best judges of character!" And start wondering about your kid's favorite teacher ...

Do you remember the "favorite" teacher or coach? How good were they? Really?


Image via Dave Fayram/Flickr

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