Teen Girls Lie About Sleepover; Caught Pole Dancing

stripper poleTeenagers. Did the Great Creator manufacture another group so promising, so charming — and so doggone full of the capacity to be deceitful? Parents of folks in the 13- to 18-year-old set know firsthand what a challenge it can be to get kids in that group to be forthcoming about what’s going on in their lives. (And if you don’t have that problem, consider yourself extremely lucky and try to drudge up a little empathy for those who do, huh?)  

So I’m pretty sure the moms of several California teens wanted to drop flat out, stone cold dead when they got the news that their kids were caught up in the raid of a Modesto bar where underage girls were performing as pole dancers and alcohol was being served to minors.

The kids told their parents they were at a sleepover. 


This just goes to show that implanting children with tracking devices a la Neo in The Matrix is not at all the bad idea civil liberties cheerleaders make it out to be. GPS on your children, anyone?

Just reading about this story took me through a range of emotions in, like, a 60-second time span. I had pity for the poor parents. I was pissed at the teen offenders. Knowing how sneaky kids that age can be, I’m almost certain this isn’t one of those situations where mom and dad weren’t watching their children closely enough and opting to let them run wild. The very fact that the kids had to conjure up a lie to cover up their real whereabouts says that they came from households with rules and expectations, just like mine.

I can’t even begin to tell you what I’d do if one of these lying, law-breaking hellions was mine. I’m almost positive I’d let them sit it out in that police precinct for as long as possible. I might even encourage the cops to treat them to an overnight stay. But I know one thing: my little bar hopper wouldn't see the social scene for what would probably turn out to be an entire school year. The standard “you’re grounded” routine — complete with no phone or texting privileges, no social media-ing, and no TV time — just doesn’t seem like enough.

The authorities are handling the two 40-year-old idiots charged with letting the kids do their dirt in the bar in the first place. That’s their job. So c’mon parents, let’s get creative: How should these kids be taught a lesson and punished for their foolishness at the same time?


Image via brh_images/Flickr

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